Baseball: The National Past (It’s) Time

  • Major League Baseball: 18,900
  • Major League Soccer: 15,158
  • Atlanta Braves (2021 World Series champions) 29,490
  • Atlanta United (Major League Soccer): 43,964
  • Rebirth and renewal. Spring training means another frigid winter in the Northeast or Midwest is fast approaching. Every team has a .500 record and unlimited upside potential.
  • In the blood. I played the game reasonably well growing up. My dad played. My father-in-law played. My brothers in law all played. Both my sons played, including my youngest who is still playing in college.
  • Community fabric. Our hometown (population 80,000) has sent over half a dozen residents to the Major Leagues. The town’s two high schools finished first and fourth in the statewide baseball tournament last spring, and its youth teams routinely make it to the state, regional and national finals.
  • Memories. I still remember my dad taking to my first game at Philadelphia’s crumbling Connie Mack Stadium. Phillies vs. Mets doubleheader. It was the greenest grass, whitest chalk lines and tastiest hot dogs I had ever experienced. Later I was an assistant coach for my son’s Little League team that won the state championship and came within one out of winning the New England Regional. What a ride! More than half of those kids are now playing in college.
  • Leisurely pace. In this fast-paced frenetic world, I enjoy having a game on in the background. The players, not the clock, dictate the pace. Players wait patiently for their turn at bat. New pitchers and pinch hitters have all the time they need to warm up properly. The game ends when the game ends.



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Hank Berkowitz, MBA, MA is a thought leadership content expert serving financial advisors, CPAs, estate planners and insurance pros.